Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Take A Deep Breathe

This past week was an absolute overload of all things healthcare. My long time office manager Cynthia hinted that I may have been near epic meltdown. Going off the grid this last weekend was a welcome relief.      Inhale...Exhale...

In this post I want to step back and relax a bit from the rules and regulations of the Affordable Care Act. There are certainly a number of things we do not have much control over right now concerning healthcare. The good news is we do have control over or own personal cost of care. I know, unfortunately, not the premiums. But absolutely the amount of healthcare we consume.

Many of you have already seen or will soon see an increase in premiums that will be significant. I know the premiums you pay are a burden for sure. The biggest culprit that contributes to that is the COST OF CARE. That's what the premiums you pay reflect.

What can you do about that ? Frankly...plenty. We do have a personal responsibility to care for ourselves as best we can. I know for a fact that I was a long term failure at that responsibility. Many of you as clients and friends remember that for a long time, I was "BIG" in sales...literally. I am quite pleased that I am now a substantially smaller portion than I was before.

I have been a long time member of the National Association of Health Underwriters and was recently honored to provide an article for our industry magazine. You can read it here:

CLICK HERE for "Wellness Begins at Home"

I hope my story will provide you with some laughter, entertainment or encouragement...or not!

Thanks for reading.


PS - Since that article was published - the grand total stands at 105 pounds lost.



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